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Friday, 4 September 2009

Just watched Ghost for the first time. Not anything like repeatedly being shown that awful pottery scene had lead me to believe. My thoughts:

  • No one told me it was funny.
  • Why isn't Whoopi Goldberg doing anything now?
  • Patrick Swayze can act...apparently.
  • one told me it was funny.
  • Ending was too sickly for my tastes.
Anyway, as The Dame says, thats it possums.

Sunday, 30 August 2009

Elemental - Great rap, or greatest rap?

So...i heard this at a mates house when on the piss for some reason or other...and, it's fucking ace. Never been a fan of rap (appart from the comedy stylings of Sir Mixalot and MC Hammer) at all, being more a metal kind of guy, but i must say that Elemental's Victorian-steam-punk-rap has turned me somewhat. I mean who doesn't like songs about monkey's in monocles?

I'm thinking of having him as background music in a Victoriana game i'm planning on running. But i fear it would just be a distraction.

Anyway, check out his EP Penny Dreadful of if you can find his album Rebel Without Applause
all the better. Personally i'm most fond of the EP but there you go.

Watch this:

Elemental - Cup Of Brown Joy from Moog on Vimeo.

Final Destination 3

Just watched it. Shit. Don't bother.

<--That is my Final Destination 3 Face.

Saturday, 29 August 2009


So after Dark Heresy i thought i'd put this up as i'm planning on running this next Friday (the 4th) so i thought i'd have a quick look (quick being the operative word) at this four page wonder.

DEAD MEAT is a quick play, fast and furious, zombie centric RPG by Jared Sorenson. It's very rules lite, having only three stats, those being (lifted from the .pdf):

ZIP is how fast you think, act, and react when confronted with the horrors of the Living Dead!
-You roll ZIP whenever you need to run from a zombie, or dodge a zombie trying to get some skin.

WHOMP is how much of a can of whupass you can open on a Zombie!
-You roll WHOMP when you want to kick some undead ass. And if you want to break stuff or lift heavy things I guess.

GUTS is how brave you are, and how much tasty insides you have for the Ghouls!
-You roll GUTS when you might breakdown or freeze in fear, or when you're injured to resist the Zombie Plague.

You build your character...or more than likely characters sonsidering how deadly the game can be... by distributing 7 points between these three stats.

I've decided to distribute my points as so:

James Shaw, car mechanic and soon to be slayer of the undead.

ZIP: 2

Gear: Tyre iron

so....actually thats it....done.

If i thought anyone cared i'd put next fridays AP up on here and RPGnet...but nobody will read it so i don't think i'll bother.

Dark Heresy

So, after spotting that the thread on RPGnet has just popped it's head up again i decided to throw the oar back in and make a character. Anyway children todays book is Dark Heresy. Black Industries/Fantasy Flight Games game of investagative horror in the 41st Millenium. Also, awesome.

The character creation system, is rather unsurprisingly, very similar to the WHFRP system detailed in an earlier post so i won't bother going through all the gumpf again because i can't be arsed to be honest.

Anyway, just like the WHFRP characters i created i'm going to go the random rolls route again and it was surprisingly quick, helped by the fact that i know the book layout (and what a book it is btw).

Right so the first thing we do is roll for our home world. This decision will affect exactly what type of character we can play and also gives me the following traits:

Blessed Ignorance (-5 penalty to Forbidden Lore tests)
Hagiography (The Common Lore skills; Imperium, Imperial Creed and War are treated as Basic Skills)
Liturgical Familiarity (Literacy and Language (High Gothic) are treated as Basic Skills)
Superior Origins (+3 Willpower)

I rolled a 79 which gives me...Imperial World. This being the most common type all career options are open.

The next thing to do was to sort out our stats. Being born on an imperial world my stats were all equal to 20 + dice were rolled and:

WS 31(26)
BS 32
S 31
T 34
Int 35
Per 32
WP 29
Fel 34

Like WHFRP you get a chance to re-roll one of your stats, i chose WS just to even them out a bit (the first roll is in parenthesis).

Next you roll on a table to find out you career path.

I rolled a 33 which is Assassin. Cool.

This career gives me some starting skills and talents, aswell as some gear. They'll be detailed later.

Next up its woulds and fate points...and more tables:

Wounds (D5+8) = 12
Fate Points = 3
Oh, and Monthly Income for my assassin (120 + 3D10) = 135 Imperial Credits

Starting characters also get a 400xp boost to give you a few extra skills and talents, i chose the suggested quick play Skill and Talent Package:

Weapon Skill Advance Simple (+5) 100
Inquiry 100
Hightened Senses 100
Sound Constitution (+5 T) 100

Lastly, there's the Build Your Character section, i chose to ignore this almost entirely. Firstly, it's not that important and secondly because even if i were rolling this up for a game, i would prefer to do this bit myself.

The one bit of this section i didn't ignore was a table intitled Imperial Divinations which are a sort of horoscope/birthsign thing. I rolled i 90 which is:

"A wise man learns from the death of others" Increase intelligence by +3

So, thats our character made. Lets look at how he looks:

+++Starting transmission+++
+++Acquiring Protocols+++


+++Gene script accepted, Thankyou Inquisitor.+++

Name: Codename Damocles...

Sex: Male

Age: Unknown

WS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
36 32 35 35 35 32 32 34

Wounds: 12

Fate Points: 3

Starting Skills

Speak Language (low gothic), Awareness, Dodge, Inquiry,

Starting Talents

Melee Weapon Training (Primative), Ambidextrous, Thrown Weapon Training,
Basic Weapon Training (SP), Pistol Training (SP), Heightened Senses


Blessed Ignorance, Hagiography,Liturgical Familiarity,Superior Origins

Starting Gear

Hunting Rifle and 16 rounds, Sword, Knife, 10 Throwing Knives,
3 doses of Stimm, Charm (corpse hair), Black Bodygolve
(Common Quality Clothing)

Starting Rank

Sell Steel

+++“Every man is a spark in the darkness. by the time he is noticed +++
he is gone forever. "

+++End Transmission+++

Sorry this was so dry. I'm a bit frazzled at the moment, and i've spent the last year writing Lab reports.

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

A challenger appears!

So, first post in..*looks*...ages. Not on any previous thread either...hmmm. Right, anyway, i'm back and stuff, and with a new challenge i will most likely fail miserably at. That challenge being the "Not to buy any new models or stuff for six months and to paint the piles of crap i have to paint still...challenge...for kid's...scratch the last part". Anyway, the plan is this, in a probably vain attempt to put a dent in the huge piles of metal and plastic miniatures i've been collecting over the past 15 years.

The reasons for this are three-fold:

Reason the First: Current economic situation. I'm moving into a new house soon which will cost considerably more than my current place. So i can't really afford to do my useual fortnightly splurges at the local GW.

Reason the Second: I'm really fed up at how much i have spent over the years on armies that i've never touched once the models were purchased (O&G and Warriors of Chaos, i'm looking at you....go stand in the corner)

Reaon the Third: Tied in to the the first reason given..but i didn't feel like putting two money whinges one after the other. I'm a poor student (Currently studying for a combined MEng in Mechanical Engineering)and the job market is poor in my area (actually its been poor since Thatcher took a turbo dump on the North in the early eighties, but...moving on). So i need to curb my spending anyway.

So, those are my reasons for setting myself this task. This would not be a propper challenge without rules so:

- No models to be personally purchased from 01/04/2009 until 30/09/2009 unless they meet the below criteria:

- The models were bought with the proceeds of the sale of other models.
- The models were bought as a gift by a third party (unlikely my as my
birthday is the 30th of March.
- The models are Space Hulk....which is out in September...and i'm just
not that strong.

- Brushes and paints are not subject to this ruling. Neither are Codecies/Army Books (a boy can oggle can't he?)

I was originally going to give myself some kind of Joker/Veto/Get out of Jail Free card system. But i thought it defeated the pupose of the challenge...but i do so want some sweet, sweet Infinity Starter Sets. Any offers?

Anyway, that's it for now. I'll update on the 1st of April with rough plans for next month.



Tuesday, 31 July 2007

WHFRP - Night's Dark Masters

Another WHFRP one. This time a Vampire Character from Night's Dark Masters. I know its not a new system or owt but...they look fun to make :) Anyway, the book davises against using thee as PC's and then provides advance schemes for them so....i think i'll make one.

Like the skaven before it, first thing you do is roll for your race, this time on a d100. The options are, Blood dragon, Lahmian, Necrarch, Strigoi, Von Carstein and independant. I rolled an 89 so i get Independant as my race. This gives me a set of skills, talents and traits, as always:

Independant Skills: Charm, Concealment, Disguise, Evaluate, Gossip, Intimidate, Scale Sheer Surface, Shadowing, Silent Move


As an indipendant, i don't get any fancey talents.....:( so i have to roll on the random talent table in the main rule-book. I get:

78 = Sturdy
44 = Mimic

Now onto traits these are normally reserved for monsters and include effects such as causing fear etc. You also get to chose some nifty bloodline powers just like those in the vampire counts army book. I chose:

Blood Burst
and get Frightening as standard.

He's not a very attracktive chap old Vlad the Bad, Blood Burst means that his body is covered in sores under which tarry, old, nutrient free blood lies...these naturally burst when he is attcked and Host makes him a walking worm wonder he's frightening.

Now i really should have rolled my stats earlier. As with all WHFRP stuff its a pre-defined number + 2d10


WS 40 + 10
BS 40 + 09
S 40 + 08
T 40 + 18
Ag 40 + 08
Int 30 + 11
WP 50 + 14
Fel 30 + 11

Wounds : 18

Now onto His Career, there's only one choice, Thrall:

Main Profile

WS BS S T Ag Int WP Fel
Starting 50 49 48 58 48 41 64 41
Advance +10 - +20 +15 +20 +10 +10 +10
Current 50 49 48 58 48 41 64 41

Secondary Profile

Starting 1 18 4 5 6 0 0 0
Advance - +5 - - - - - -
Current 1 18 4 5 6 0 0 0

The independant get no talents and no new Skills ...the bum 'ed.

So one last thing to do. Roll for my vampires curse:

I get a 49 so "No relection" it is, which considering the state of the poor chap, is probably a merciful blessing.

And thats him done, good luck sucking the blood of virgins mate, they'll need to be Helen Keller like to let you near them.....or just the kind of tart yu get in Carlisle on a friday night.